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2019: a retrospective of our work

As the calendar page turns, we look back on the main activities and highlights that shaped 2019. Not only we celebrated five years of hard work and commitment, but we also launched our 50th National Caucus, hosted four regional summits, organised meetings with civil society all over the world and successfully achieved our G20 advocacy campaign.

Today we are 2500 members, in more than 150 countries and we helped launching 54 national caucuses in the world. A lot has been done, but there is still a long way to go to end TB by 2030. Our only wish for 2020 is to work even harder to help achieve the UN High-Level Meeting (UNHLM) targets on TB and end the epidemic, once and for all, by 2030.

Here is a retrospective of our work in 2019:


Danish TB Caucus launches at parliamentary hearing in Danish Parliament

On 27th February, Peder Hvelplund and Flemming Møller Mortenson, two Danish members of the Global TB Caucus, hosted a parliamentary hearing on TB in the Danish Parliament. The meeting was a success, leading to the launching of the Danish TB Caucus.


Global TB Caucus Members around the World Call for Political Actions against TB on World TB Day

On 24th March, the world has commemorated the World TB Day 2019 with a theme, “It’s Time to End TB”. This World TB Day has been a particularly important one, as it marked six months since the UN High-Level Meeting (HLM) on TB.


The 19th Chapter, Africa launches the 19th National caucus in the Kingdom of Eswatini

The Africa TB Caucus launched the 19th National Parliamentary TB caucus. The caucus launch was graced by the Minister of Health Senator Lizzy Nkosi, Hon Moshoeshoe Fako MP, Lesotho and Hon. Chris Kalila MP Zambia.


Caucus member Hon. Gisela Scaglia travels to Brazil to meet with G20 authorities

After Hon. Chico D’Angelo visited Argentina earlier in the month, it was time for Hon. Gisela Scaglia to travel to Brazil joining efforts to contribute to the G20 Leaders’ Declaration, considering global commitments made to end the TB epidemic.


Parliamentarians gather in Kyiv for the Eastern Europe and Central Asia TB Summit

On the 20th and 21st of June, the Global TB Caucus organised the 2nd Eastern European and Central Asian Summit on TB, in Kyiv. This summit was hosted by Hon Serhiy Kiral and Hon Akaki Zoidze and organized under the TB-REP framework.


India: Civil Society Representatives and Community Partners meet in Delhi

In New Delhi, the Global TB Caucus hosted a meeting of key CSO partners engaged in Parliamentary advocacy around TB. Participants at the meeting used the opportunity to plan for next steps in engaging with Parliamentarians in the national post-UN High Level Meeting (UN HLM) and post-election landscape.


More than 50 parliamentarians gather to take action against TB in Africa

The 3rd African TB Summit, a collaboration between the Pan African Parliament, NEPAD and the Africa TB Caucus, brought together 11 senior members of the Africa TB Caucus network and around 40 members of the Pan African Parliament (PAP).


Parliamentarians gather in Rio for the third American Summit

On September 16th and 17th, the Global TB Caucus organised the third Americas TB Summit, in Rio de Janeiro. The Summit was hosted by Hon Chico D’Angelo and organized in partnership with the Global Fund.


MPs from Asia Pacific come together to discuss political engagement on TB

The Asia Pacific Parliamentarian Forum on Global Health (APPFGH) was held on the 22nd of August in Nadi, Fiji. Alongside the meeting, the Global TB Caucus organised a gathering to provide parliamentarians with a contextualised overview of the United Nations High Level Meeting (UNHLM) on TB targets.


G20 Ministers of Health Declaration recognised the role of TB in AMR & the UNHLM on TB

Since November 2016, the Caucus has led advocacy efforts around TB and AMR and helped secure strong language in the G20 Leaders and Health Ministers’ Declarations. G20 nations have been referencing antimicrobial resistance (AMR) since 2015. It was only in 2017, during the German Presidency, that AMR was discussed from a Health perspective.


The National Assembly launches the Chad TB Caucus in N'Djamena

From the 5th to the 7th of November, a delegation of the Global TB Caucus, led by Deborah Ogwuche, Francophone Regional Manager and Senator Pierre Ngayap, Chair of the Francophone TB caucus, visited the country and attended the official launch of the Chad TB Caucus.


Armenian parliamentarians launch the Armenian TB Caucus during bilateral visit

In December, Armenian parliamentarians gathered to receive the visit of Mr Akaki Zoidze MP, from Georgia. Led by Mr Narek Zeynalyan, chair of the Health Committee of the Armenian Parliament, MPs launched a National TB Caucus.


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