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Webinar: The role of Parliamentarians in strengthening COVID-19 response & recovery

Members of Parliament have an important role to play in tackling COVID-19 and assuring the health and wellbeing of their citizens, especially as they consider resource allocation decisions specific to their national, economic, and social contexts. Further, as executive offices of government take the lead on outbreak response in many countries, the role of parliamentarians is increasingly important for accountability and oversight. While the current pandemic may intensify pressures on open government values, innovative engagement models for transparency and participation are essential to effectively fight the disease, balance the COVID-19 response with wider social and health needs, and build sustainable health systems.

Global TB Caucus parliamentarians will participate in a webinar held by the Center for Global Development.

CGD’s panel will feature several Members of Parliament engaged in global, regional, and national parliamentary networks focused on global health to discuss the challenges presented by COVID-19 in their countries and communities, parliamentary actions taken thus far, opportunities for increased accountability and effectiveness of COVID-19 response efforts, and potential implications on domestic financing for health and the global health landscape. Building on CGD’s recent work around the net health impact of COVID-19 policies, we also plan to examine the effects of the outbreak on essential healthcare services, such as HIV, TB, and malaria.

The panel will be composed by:

  • Hon. Oral Aminovna Ataniyazova, Member of Parliament of Uzbekistan and Founder, Perzent--Karakalpak Center for Reproductive Health and Environment

  • Hon. Stephen Mutinda Mule, Member of Parliament of Kenya, Member of Health Committee and Parliamentary Human Rights Caucus, and Co-Chair of the African TB Caucus and Kenyan TB Caucus

  • Hon. Abubakar Dahiru Sarki, Member of National Assembly of Nigeria, Chair of the AIDS/Tuberculosis and Malaria Control Committee, and Member of Ad-Hoc Committee on COVID-19 Response

  • Hon. Vincent Pala, Member of Parliament of India and the Global Coalition Against TB

  • Hon. Gisela Scaglia, Member of Parliament of Argentina and Co-Chair of the Americas TB Caucus


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