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UN President of the General Assembly Agrees to Requested High Level Meeting Dates

Earlier this year, many of us faced some concern over the potential date of the United Nations High-Level Meeting on TB. Prior discussions had the date uncertain, and likely to be outside of the UN General Assembly in September. It is of the utmost importance that the HLM be held during the UNGA High-Level week, in order to secure the highest possible level of political participation and enable stakeholders to drive focus and commitment to working against TB.

A formal letter spearheaded by the Stop TB Partnership and addressed to UN GA President H.E. Mr. Csaba Kőrösi, managed to gather 1,044 signatures across 650 organisations in 91 countries. As such, member states agreed that the HLM on TB will take place on the 22nd of September, 2023, at the UN Headquarters in New York, during the UN General Assembly High-Level Week. In preparation for this, the UN Multi-stakeholder Hearing on TB will take place no later than June 2023. To contribute to the Joint Letter, the Global TB Caucus mobilised 53 Members of Parliament to sign alongside Stop TB Partnership and other key stakeholders, requesting support to hold the High Level Meeting on TB on the 22nd of September, 2023.

This is an important step for the UN HLM on TB: the UN GA has formally adopted the Modalities Resolution for this meeting, which sets dates, agenda, logistics, and other key details.

The TB community applauds this decision, and recognizes the work that all involved parties have done in order to ensure the HLM on TB happens alongside the HLMs on Pandemic Prevention Preparedness Response (PPPR) and Universal Health Coverage (UHC). This is key to getting the world back on track to make meaningful progress against TB, and secure political will.

The HLM’s theme is: "Advancing science, finance and innovation, and their benefits, to urgently end the global tuberculosis epidemic, in particular, by ensuring equitable access to prevention, testing, treatment and care.” In the spirit of this theme, the UN “encourages all member states and members of UN specialised agencies to participate in this meeting at the highest possible level.” The HLM aims to “approve a concise and action-oriented political declaration, agreed in advance by consensus through intergovernmental negotiations, to be submitted by the President of the GA for adoption by the Assembly.”

This is truly a victory for all in the TB sphere: it merits celebration and due consideration, as the UN HLM is but one of the first significant steps we can take to recoup efforts in the fight against TB, as well as to see how adequately commitments have been followed. From here, we must remain united to ensure a successful meeting in September, and secure an ambitious Political Declaration with grounded, person-centred, measurable, and time-bound commitments. This will only benefit from the backing and funding needed to ensure the world gets back on track to meet the Sustainable Development Goals and end TB by 2030.

MPs, stakeholders, and CSOs all displayed clear dedication during this call to action: a reminder of the value in uniting towards common goals, and the kind of spirit we should maintain when working to aid those affected by TB. Our thanks go to the MPs who signed the joint letter, as well as everyone else who voiced their support for this request. Below are the Caucus MPs who signed the joint letter: Lord Nick Herbert

Hon. Abubakar Dahiru Sarki

Hon. Benjamin Okezie Kalu

Senator Dr. Pierre Flambeau Ngayap

Hon. Alexander Roosevelt Hottordze

Hon. Aminata Gueye

Hon. Jamshed Murtazakulov

Hon. Luis Enrique Gallo Cantera

Hon. Pastor Vera Bejarano

Deputé Ahmat Taha Abdoulaye

Hon. Simo Joséphine

Hon. Mariam GONI

Hon. NGO ISSI epse Rolande Adèle

Hon. Nguenkam Epouse Tchouaga Marie Louisse

Hon. Tabouli Célestin

Hon. Ebanga Johanna Epouse Aborntui

Senator Aboui Georziane Marlyse

Senator His Majesty Mama Jean Marie

Hon. Macford Sibandze

Hon. Mephato Reatile

Hon. Dr Christopher Kalila

Hon. GodHard Kasuto

Hon. Dr Ruth Labode

Hon. Elma Dienda

Hon. Lindiwe Maphosa

Hon. Emmanual Tembo

Hon. Susan Matsunga

Hon. Daniel Molokele

Hon. Senator Edith Baipai

Hon. Josephine Shava

Hon. Lazwi Sibanda

Hon. Precious Chinhamo- Masango

Hon. Musa Ngcobo

Hon. Fakudze Keneth

Hon. Lorraine Nxumalo

Hon. Mavimbela

Hon. Big Boy Mamba

Hon. Tapera Saizi

Hon. Esther Nyathi

Hon. Memory Munochinzwa

Hon. Putih Sari

Hon. Warren Entsch

Hon. Léon Mondolé

Hon. Fonge Julius

Hon. Noufe Sansan

Hon. Morgan Komichi

Hon. Catherine Laa

Hon. Jean Patrice France Quirin

Hon. Memory Munochinwa

Senator Eleven Kambizi

Hon. Nhari Vairet

Hon. Rainatou Mongwat

Hon. Sicelesile Mahlangu

You may peruse the letter (and view all signatories) here.


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