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The work of the Ukrainian Parliament Platform to fight Tuberculosis

Two years ago, the Ukrainian Parliament announced the establishment of a Parliamentary Platform to fight TB. Since then, the platform did a lot to promote a stronger response to TB at the highest Government level and to build a productive dialogue with national and international stakeholders in collaboration with the Global TB Caucus.

In the year 2018-2019, the platform held more than 15 work meetings with partners in Ukraine and abroad, and also engaged with the National ACSM (Advocacy Strategy, Communications and Social Mobilisation) group on TB. While working on Governmental accountability, the National TB Caucus also drafted a decree on TB during Parliamentary hearings. The World Health Organisation recognised the work of the platform as the best practice in promoting partnerships to eliminate TB in the European region.

To see more on the activities of the Ukrainian Parliamentary Platform to fight TB, see the images below:

After the elections in July 2019, 50 new MPs joined the platform and participated in the relaunch of the national caucus. All these MPs signed the Barcelona Declaration, the founding document of the Global TB Caucus, and declared their commitment in overcoming the tuberculosis epidemic in Ukraine and in the world.


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