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Global TB Caucus organizes special TB session in PARLATINO’s Health Committee

March 5-6, Panama City,

This year, TB was approved as a permanent agenda in the Parlatino’s Health Committee and the Global TB Caucus was invited to present the network and work being carried out for the past five years in the Americas region. Hon Claudio Marte, vice-president of the Central America Parliament (Parlacen), was invited to represent the Caucus along with Ms Cintia Dantas, Americas Regional Director at the Global TB Caucus Secretariat.

The delegation first met with the Health Committee of the National Assembly of Panama and was given the opportunity to present the Global TB Caucus’ work to the MPs. The delegation invited Dr Aizpurua, NTP manager, to present national data regarding TB. Members of the Health Committee agreed on prioritizing the issue and committed to launching a national caucus and working closely with the executive power to end the disease in the country.

On the next day, the delegation attended the Health Committee meeting of Parlatino which focused on TB. Hon Claudio Marte presented his work with PARLACEN and the sub-regional TB Caucus launched within the regional Parliament. He presented the Caucus’ priorities as well as the region priorities, including accountability related to the HLM on TB. He also mentioned the importance of raising awareness around the disease. Hon Marte invited all members of the Health Committee to join the Caucus and lead the national response to TB in their own countries. Ms Dantas continued the presentation with some key information around TB globally then introducing the Global TB Caucus context and greatest achievements.

The presentation led to a very dynamic Q&A session, and encouraging outcomes. All members of the Health Committee agreed to join the Caucus and collaborate with their national stakeholders for a coordinated response to TB. As a forum, the Health Committee of Parlatino agreed to develop a framework law on TB, to be presented at each of the Member States’ national parliaments and a resolution for WTBD. The Chair of the Health Committee also committed to having TB as a priority issue and to have a follow-up meeting later on the year to monitor progress against commitments made.


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