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Chair of the Ukrainian TB Caucus calls for a meeting on TB policy in the context of COVID-19

With the rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, changes in access and quality of TB services are predicted due to the likely redistribution of resources to combat COVID-19. Therefore, in high TB burden countries such as Ukraine, there is a need to consolidate efforts to protect people affected by TB as part of the vulnerable groups at risk for Covid-19.

For this purpose, the Head of the National TB Caucus, Co-chair of the EECA region, Ms Lada Bulakh led an on-line meeting on the issue: "TB policy in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic". The meeting gathered six members of the National TB Caucus, WHO country representatives, the Deputy Minister of Health, representatives from the Center for Public Health of Ukraine, the Director of the Department of ICF "Alliance for Public Health", and the Head of "TB people Ukraine".

MPs discussed about the progress of TB reforms and also the current health problems related to tuberculosis and COVID-19. In addition, participants were informed of the actions taken by the TB community in response to the coronavirus epidemic and the barriers that people with TB currently face.

By the end of the discussion MPs decided on various action points, including taking a stand on the TB drug situation in order to contain it, facilitate the revision of the financial support for TB reforms and engage civil society organisations into intersectoral dialogue in the country.

To see the video call recording, as well as the agenda and outcomes, please follow the link -


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