Since the UN High-Level Meeting (UNHLM) on TB resulted in a Political Declaration endorsed by Heads of State, Members of Parliament (MPs) around the world, with the help of the Global TB Caucus, have mobilized to take the outcomes of the Declaration back to national parliaments for implementation.

Parliamentarians are holding governments to account through the creation of national TB caucuses which are independent networks of MPs within the countries. These caucuses are a powerful channel to raise awareness on TB, and consequently on the UNHLM Declaration targets.


With the support of the Global TB Caucus, national caucuses were launched in Brazil, Denmark, Eswatini, Paraguay, Romania and Chad in 2019, which takes the total to 50 worldwide and MPs from 93 countries reported taking parliamentary action on the UNHLM targets.

MPs secured budget increases in several countries, including the Netherlands, where the Hon Anne Kuik worked closely with KNCV to add an additional US$ 5.5 million during budget negotiations towards global implementation of new TB diagnostics. In Kenya the Hon Stephen Mule successfully raised nearly US$ 2 million for the national TB budget.


At the global level, the Caucus brings MPs together to share their experiences at Summits, including the African TB Summit in August 2019 which brought together over 40 MPs from the region. This cooperation encourages MPs to work at a regional level within political platforms such as APEC, AU, G7 and G20, to bring TB forward on the international agenda.

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