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The Global TB Caucus works to build the political will to end TB. We cannot do it without your support.

Everyone involved in TB has a role to play. 


If you are a concerned individual, engaging and educating your political representatives about the disease is vital. Simple actions, such as writing a letter asking your representative for action or to sign the Barcelona Declaration can make a difference. 

There are different ways you can be part of the #endTB movement around the world. Read on to learn more.

If you are a parliamentarian:

National TB Caucus Resources.png

National TB Caucus Resources

Establish a National TB Caucus, two documents are required: Terms of Reference and a Founding document. You can find drafts below.

Terms of Reference 

National TB Caucus Founding Document

If you are a civil society organization or are an individual fighting for this global cause:

Join the
Platform Experts

The Platform of Experts brings together civil society Focal Points to share valuable experiences and best practices that further inform Global TB Caucus members and Heads of National TB Caucuses - identifying gaps in TB responses, building capacity, and strengthening opportunities through collective collaboration.

Contact Us

If you are an elected representative or a member of civil society interested in working with us, contact us to find out more. 

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