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Research plays a very substantial role in improving TB policies. While the Global TB Caucus is composed solely of legislators, The Caucus works closely with researchers to help create better policies.

The Economic Impact of TB mortality in 120 Countries

Adapted especially for the Global TB Caucus from the work of Sachin Silva, Michael Reid and Eric Goosby, this briefing studies the economic impact of TB in the light of three different scenarios where we meet the End TB targets in 2030, 2045, or keep the current progress rate. 


The briefing is also available in FrenchPortuguese, Russian and Spanish

The Price of a Pandemic

Introducing a new perspective in the international TB response, the research, commissioned by the Caucus and conducted by KPMG estimates that deaths from TB will cost the global economy USD$1 trillion over the next 15 years.

The Price of a Pandemic Briefing on the G20’s Biggest Infectious Killer

Following the UK government's independent Review of Antimicrobial Resistance in 2016, GTBC produced this report outlining the causes and predicted impact of TB and Multidrug Resistant TB in the G20.

Annual Report 2017

2017 was a significant year in building the momentum to address the TB epidemic on a global level. The Caucus continued its impressive rate of expansion with the launch of 12 new National Caucuses.

2020 - Coming soon.

Legislative Resources 

The Global TB Caucus has also produced legislative resources for MPs and civil society organisations, including:


  • People-Centered, Rights-Based TB Legislation in Eastern Europe and Central Asia 

Access the study in English and Russian.​

Civil Society

The Global TB Caucus is a unique global network of parliamentarians engaged in the fight to end tuberculosis (TB). Caucus members act as interlocutors between civil society organisations (CSOs), international donors, private sector organisations and governments at global and regional levels.


The Global TB Caucus’ main goal for our work with civil society is to help national organisations develop their advocacy capabilities in order to engage with Members of Parliament (MPs).


In 2020, the Global TB Caucus Secretariat analysed our work with Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) between 2014 and 2020 via interviews with MPs and CSOs, surveys, and analysing our historical data. 

The report was developed to ascertain the nature and frequency of interactions between CSOs and MPs before the Caucus was established since the Caucus was established and since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, to assess the role that CSOs play in supporting Parliamentarians to take action to end TB.
The results show that a substantial majority of the Focal Points have met more MPs since the establishment of the Global TB Caucus, and have, on average, engaged more with parliamentary processes.


Read the briefing document developed for our dialogue organised with Stop TB Partnership last 23rd of September 2021.


Topic: "How to close the Deadly Divide between TB Commitments and Realities"

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