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Hon. Ana Paula Dias meets with WHO TB representative in Cape Verde

On the 11th of June 2019, Caucus Member Hon. Ana Paula Dias, from Cape Verde, met with World Health Organization (WHO) representative for TB in the country, Dr Carolina Leite to discuss the TB epidemic in the country.

Hon. Ana Paula took this opportunity to remind the representative of the necessity of making a new study of impact of Tuberculosis in Cape Verde, as the most recent one goes back to 1999, and it is reflected on the estimates of cases in the country.

Dr Carolina Leite informed Hon. Ana Paula Dias that WHO is working with the National Health Ministry to move forward with a new system of sanitary notification which will allow researchers to collect data with more quality and liability. She also pointed out the necessity to create a network of technical staff specially trained on the TB matter.

Also, she informed Hon. Ana Paula Dias that the National TB Program is being evaluated and that the new National Plan to End TB by 2030 will be launched by the end of 2019, which will enable the inclusion of the new study of impact with more accurate data.

Dr Carolina Leite concluded the meeting affirming that all stakeholders should make the effort to arrange international partnerships to support Cape Verde in its fight against TB.


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