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The Global TB Caucus successfully launches historic Platform of Experts

The Global TB Caucus launched its first-ever Platform of Experts last June 30, 2021. Over 50 participants were present during the two sessions, including our Members of Parliament and Focal Points who served as witnesses to the critical knowledge exchange between the speakers.

Connections were notably formed among the Focal Points as well. Bertrand Kampoer, Regional Coordinator of DRAF-TB (Francophone region) shared that he was contacted by Stop TB Partnership Geneva immediately after the meeting and was informed of their availability to provide them full technical assistance for countries who are planning, implementing, and/or are interested in conducting CRG assessment. This showcases how significant this platform's role is when identifying gaps and opportunities to build greater focus and coherence regionally, including incorporating insights from the capacity-building efforts of key partners.

The event was split into two sessions to better accommodate regional participation. The first session on "Needs for the implementation of a people-centered approach to tuberculosis treatment" was held with representatives from Asia-Pacific region, Europe and Central Asia region. The second session was dedicated to the Anglo-African, Francophone, Lusophone and Americas regions and focused more specifically on the “Needs of people affected by TB for the implementation of a person-centered approach to tuberculosis treatment - revitalization from COVID”.

The following Focal Points gave insightful presentations based on the themes:

  • Tuula Vasankari, FILHA, Finland

  • Rachel Force, Thanh Nguyen, Friends for International Tuberculosis Relief (FIT), Vietnam

  • Liliia Masiuk, project coordinator TB, Charitable Fund “Alliance for Public Health”, Kyiv, Ukraine

  • Giorgio Franyuti, Director, Medical IMPACT (Mexico)

  • Bertrand Kampoer, Regional Coordinator, DRAF-TB

  • Rodrick Mugishagwe, National Coordinator, Tanzania TB Community Network

Along with these presentations, during the meeting, parliamentarians from these regions gave their own remarks based on what was discussed:

  • Hon Baroness Alison Suttie, Co-chair of the WE region, GTBC

  • Hon Jamshed Murtazakulov, Co-chair of the EECA region, GTB

  • Hon. Fako Moshoeshoe, Lesotho National TB Caucus

  • Hon. Eugene Kouassi Kra, Côte d’Ivoire National TB Caucus

  • Hon. Senator Virginia Velasco, Bolivia National TB Caucus

Outcomes from discussion are planned to be reported and further discussed at larger meetings with the heads and members of National TB Caucuses. With its successful turnout, the Platform of Experts is poised to continue on a regular basis, pursuing its main purpose "to mobilise the knowledge necessary to ensure a sustainable and informed response to TB at the national level, cultivating and increasing genuine connections between civil society and political representatives".

The next meeting of the Platform of Experts is expected to be held by the end of 2021.

For more details on the recent launches, please click here to access the full report. If you would like to become a Focal point of the GTBC and also a member of the Platform of Experts, please email our regional managers. You may click this link to access the GTBC Secretariat's contact information:

What is a Focal Point?

Greater political engagement on TB is critical to accelerating progress against the disease, but parliamentarians know that local support of the community affected by the TB epidemic is essential to successful advocacy. The Global TB Caucus strives to identify civil society organisations in every country that are motivated to work with their local parliamentarians in the fight against TB as Focal Points.

GTBC Focal Points are autonomous independent organisations supported by the Caucus through training and technical assistance to help parliamentarians develop political leadership to end TB. Although we do not directly fund the work of Focal Points, and the decisions and actions of national groups do not bind the Global TB Caucus, nor do decisions made by the Caucus have any influence over the actions of national groups, we do recognise the critical value of their role in developing political leadership and impact in the TB response and aim to support it in all ways possible.


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