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Sudanese Parliamentarians commit to ending TB

The co-chairman of the Global TB Caucus, the Rt Hon Nick Herbert CBE MP, and the Chair of the African TB Caucus, the Hon Stephen Mule MP, visited Khartoum, Sudan from 13 to 14 September 2018 to discuss the High-Level Meeting and Sudan's ongoing efforts to end TB.

The delegation was welcomed by the President of the National Assembly, Professor Ibrahim, who is also the patron of the Sudanese TB Caucus. The delegation also met with officials from the Ministry of Health, and representatives from the Council of African Political Parties and the Pan-African Youth Union, both key African Union institutions who committed to supporting efforts to end TB in Africa.

The delegation concluded with a parliamentary symposium on Friday 14 September, which was hosted by the Health Committee. The symposium covered a wide range of themes, including the role that Sudan can play in the international arena, driving focus on TB at the highest levels of the African Union, Arab League, and the Organisation for Islamic Cooperation.

The symposium concluded with a series of recommendations to strengthen the TB response in Sudan and internationally. Those recommendations will now be taken forward and considered by the Health Committee before being formally proposed to parliament.

We would like to thank Dr Khalid Nazar, chair of the Sudanese TB Caucus, who was an extremely generous host to the delegates, and congratulate Dr Nazar and his colleagues on the commitment they have demonstrated to ending TB.


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