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Global TB Caucus partners with DRAF TB in mobilising stakeholders ahead of the UNHLM in 2023

One month before the celebration of the third anniversary of the UNHLM, DRAF TB in partnership with the Global TB Caucus mobilised an online meeting on August 27, 2021. Around fifty people from more than twenty nationalities initiated this reflection and called the attention of stakeholders on the urgency of the programming of the UNHLM 2023. Together, they analysed the constraints of the non-achievement of the objectives of the UNHLM 2022 in Francophone Africa.

During the debates and discussion, Stop TB Partnership recalled the urgency of additional actions to be implemented to achieve the objectives of the WHO strategy to end TB: high-level leadership, mobilisation of domestic and international resources, and multisectorality, .

In line with this, DRAF TB shared the results of its baseline assessment of accountability frameworks in 12 countries in West and Central Africa, which indicates the low rate (20%) of implementation of commitments.

In turn, the Global TB Caucus discussed why a UNHLM is needed in 2023, shared lessons learned from the 2018 UNHLM, and proposed a more efficient and practical roadmap in the lead up to the 2023 UNHLM.

The meeting ended with a poignant reminder from DRAF TB, emphasising that the whole process of organising and implementing this high-level meeting, UNHLM in 2023, must be in full participation of civil societies and parliamentarians.

Notably, among the main speakers were Dr. Lucica Ditiu, Director of Stop TB Partnership; Caoimhe Smith from Stop TB; Deborah OGWUCHE of the Global TB Caucus; and Bertrand Kampoer, Edouard Kambou and Fabrice Kotoko from DRAF TB.

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