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Hon Luis Gallo calls Mercosur leaders to step up to the TB response

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Call on Mercosur's Parliament to commit with the global fight against TB.

MONTEVIDEO, 12 November 2018

Luis Gallo, Member of Parliament from Uruguay and co-chair of the Americas TB Caucus, made a speech in Parlasur, the Regional Parliament of Mercosur, to call upon block’s leaders to follow their commitments at the last UN High Level Meeting on TB to step up and close the financial gap in the TB response. His proposal is that Mercosur countries make a joint pledge to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria, the biggest international donor for TB projects in the world.

Mr Luis Gallo MP from Uruguay

To Dr. Gallo “the Global Fund replenishment is an opportunity for leaders to show that their commitments at the HLM are more than just promises. It is time to close the financial gap we need to end TB.” He also presented the targets agreed in the UN event and what it represented for each country of the Mercosur block.

Dr. Gallo also mentioned that TB has been neglected for many years and it is the first time in history that the disease is getting the attention it deserves. To him “TB can’t be a health issue only. A multisectoral work that impact in social development is necessary to prevent the disease, this includes poverty reduction, sanitation, housing, access to water and many other services”.

And to access all those areas and beyond, a commitment from the Heads of States is needed.

He called upon all members of Parlasur to commit to the fight against the disease and use their voice to raise awareness on TB. “I invite you, dear colleagues, to contact your Heads of State and press them to meet the commitments they made last September during the HLM. They have an opportunity next year for the Global Fund replenishment. Let’s make sure they take that step to finally end TB”.


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